There are those who say that they do not like the bagpipes, but we at Leeds City Pipe Band believe that there are few who cannot be moved by the sight and sound of a marching band in full Highland Military Uniform!

The City of Leeds Pipe Band was formed in 1960 as a self-supporting, non- profitmaking organisation. We participate in many local events across Yorkshire throughout the year and we now have quite a number of repeat appearances.

The continued existence of the Band depends on:

  • a strong belief in the need for maintenance of this extremely important part of our British culture – traditional music
  • a ready supply of new members, both young and older, experienced and inexperienced, wishing to develop their skills in the playing of the bagpipes and drums
  • a dedicated team of teachers willing to share their experience and help others to learn
  • careful management of funds, and re-investment in improvements to uniform

As well as providing a place to learn the bagpipes or the drums, we are a happy group of people, who enjoy being together and entertaining the public.

The pipe band has Championship success to its credit, as well as radio and television appearances and continental tours.

The funds we raise through performance are used to continue to upgrade and enhance our look. The uniform is based on that of the Black Watch uniform using the Royal Stewart Tartan with green Military Doublet and feather bonnet with red hackle. It is one of the few bands that you will see still parading in full uniform. To see what we look like, take a look at the gallery.

The pipe band is made up of volunteers of all ages who enjoy the playing of bagpipes or drums, and we would welcome new members either experienced or beginners. Tuition is freely available for anyone who has an ambition to play (even if you have never played an instrument before), and is supported by the Band.

The Band is made up of volunteers of all ages, who have one thing in common: an enjoyment in the playing of bagpipes or drums. We welcome new members, either experienced or beginners and offer free tuition to anyone who has an ambition to play and progress. Currently about half our Band are Scots, but nationality and origin are no bar to membership as we know and understand that the bagpipes and drums are ancient instruments, which have been played for many centuries in different forms all around the world.

With workshops on a Monday and Thursday, the pipe band provides a great support structure for bringing along novices. As well as teaching the music, we offer instruction in comportment and in the essentials of marching in various types of formation.

We currently have vacancies for both pipers and drummers, to get in touch see details on contact page. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We have a solid organisational structure and an active committee that meet on a regular basis. All engagements for the band are arranged with particular attention given to programme content and performance to suit the occasion. We take part in a number of events over the course of the year, so you can see us across Yorkshire and in Leeds. Full band, small groups or individual pipers are available.

City of Leeds Pipeband

City of Leeds Pipeband

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